Are u doing Quiet-time or DAILY quiet time?

Some food for thought to perhaps share a little about quiet time..

Most of us Christians, i suppose are doing quiet-time, the thing i’m questioning is that issit a daily thing? Perhaps some thinks its an activity, to me i think that its more of a MUST..

To journal and to write to God is perhaps one of the most privilege time of the day, this privilege we have is given 24/7.

Do you give God allowance in your quiet-time? or do you simply set a limit to your quiet-time?

Or perhaps, you have come to this point where you think you can answer your own prayer and that whatever you are doing is right and Just? This prolly goes to show that you’ve completely took over control of your own life and maybe live a life where God isn’t there..and..You really think God isn’t there?

Just cux the privilege we have is  24/7 God is 24/7..and the fact about you is that you know, God is real, so get outta YOUR living in denial

..and..this is esp. for YOU=)!

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