bcos, “WAS ONCE”

I was once, a leader…i was once a singer…i WAS ONCE..

Have you serve till a point in time, you look back and tell yourself, i was once a faithful leader, i was once leading a unit of 65-70 in strength..i was once a strong believer of quiet-time..and the last questioning i hope all of us will never say..and that is, i was once a BELIEVER…

If you had your “WAS ONCE” moments..dun dwell in it.. two options to go to, Get ur butts off where u r now n start serving..secondly…CHARGE FORWARD!! Dun dwell in your past..cux God has prepared a road forward where there’s no reverse gear..its only in a DRIVE mood..so…DRIVE ON!! DRIVE ON!! My friend =))

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