FLU-,-””! can’t my body be any more special or unique?! haah…

Got a bdae email, and this sentence simply captures me..”WHAT IF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE IS THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE?” and yes, then i’d live my life this way in the near future..i no need for like 2hrs of future plannings, bcos future changes, but the very least i could do is to set some 21st bdae goals! Many interviews i went asked the same question, what do you see yourself in 5years from now? just so i don’t wish to stumped upon that question ever again, i need to start planning with God!

OHHH….My busy-ness officially starts today(probably)!! i hope in 2weeks time the curtains call! God u take charge!! =D


God is simply Awesome

In good times, in bad times..He is still Awesome..

& reason being..He LOVES!!! =DD

-Off i go for my budding celebrations!!!! =D 

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Community in a Consumer culture-Pete Wilson

There are a lot of enemies to community out there, but maybe none greater than the consumer mentality. Skye Jethani has a new book coming out soon entitled With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God. In the book he says,

Consumerism is a supremely narcissistic worldview in which everything’s value is determined by it’s usefulness to me.  I stand at the center while everything and everyone orbits around me.

Sound familiar to you at all? :)

While the consumer mentality may fuel our economy it doesn’t do anything positive for the community God wants to form in our life.

Consumerism in our relationships can look like this:

When my husband no longer meets my needs I discard him and get a new relationship.

When my friends no longer stroke my ego I discard them and get a new group of friends.

When my church doesn’t meet my needs I’ll leave it and find a new church to attend.

When my wife isn’t meeting my immediate needs for intimacy I will just engage in disposable intimacy called pornography.

When someone gets in the way of my agenda, I’ll run over them with no regard to their heart.

This mentality is doing immense damage in our culture today and you will simply never experience the community you were designed for if you continue down this road.

How do you see consumerism impacting your current relationships?


Steven Furtick

You must follow Jesus for yourself, but you can’t follow Him by yourself.

~& the truth sets u free =)

Brings out the Girl in me!! =)))

Ahhh..did i tell u? did i tell u that Prince Harry splits with his model gf?!!! How is this a bad news? at least to me!

Like many other girls..i go gaga over him.. very unlike my real true self, i ask myself why..reason being he is just too CHARMING!!! Like…ya!!!??!!! Most eligible bachelor in England! How is this?! hahahaha

Like i’ve said before..he is my prince, only in my virtual world, just VIRTUAL…Allow me for once to just go nuts over a guy!!! AWEEEEE………

Good bye Paris HILTON…

Cox many complain paris hilton’s hindering them frm reading the posts..i shall unwillingly remove her=(

Phileo Love (“V”) Leadership matters!

Is affectionate love..a love that cherishes its object..

If the Church is a family of God, then what is the role of leaders?

Leadership is a privilege, many privileges in fact both physical and spiritual privileges…Leaders are carefully chosen and appointed by God, and yes, leaders do fail simply bcos they need too..to grow…Many things that our leaders do, sometimes or most of the time we may not fully understand..at the same time, God sees more than that cux God sees our obedience..

Because leadership carries with it authority and authority is a word people associate with much negative aspects. Therefore it must be dealt with rather carefully and selectively..perhaps with a generation like this when apathy sets in, leadership is perhaps viewed at another whole new level.

No right or wrong style of leadership when God’s in it..but just a food for thought, leading is as simple if you enjoy leading…that simple! and to have joy in leading simply means to have EQUAL love for all ur people…PHILEO LOVE..

~God’s Lens  







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